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orxcular-spectxcular ha detto:: your drawings are so stunning! do you have a website/Instagram where you post pictures of your work and if so would you mind if I used it as inspiration for my art sketchbook a level? credited ofcourse!! thank you for your time xx

this is so flattering really, thank you!

I don’t have a website for my drawings because most of them are silly sketches and doodles so.. but for my instagram click here


Giant Waterlily field in the Amazon.  Victoria amazonica, which has leaves up to three feet (1m) in diameter and sturdy enough to support a child.  

Anonimo ha chiesto: this sounds pathetic/creepy/weird but ive been obsessed with your draws/sketches all of this year and i finally found your tumblr and i'm so happy and may it makes you happy if i tell you that youre so damn inspiring to me and a lot of people, so basically thank you for share your art with us

You’re an angel thank you so much for being so supportive


work in progress

totally forgot about this but its completed now hehe

Omg my secret dream came true haha

aw angel!!

Swing - Johannes Vogl

"Happiness is not really an option." Ginger & Rosa (2012)


like this and I’ll check out your blog

mutuals do it too so I can queue from you